85+ High PR Social Bookmarking Websites {Updated}

If you accept your content to go viral or if nothing else get the traffic you need to be separated from doing anything, then you’re off-base. There are numerous approaches to enable individuals to discover your content. Some are through Social Media, or By Search Engine itself.

In any case, there are various different courses through which you can direct people to your web. A few techniques incorporate Search Engine Submission, Social Bookmarking Sites, RSS Blog Submission, Profile Creation Sites and substantially more.

Social Bookmarking Sites assume a vital job in SEO today. These high PR social bookmarking sites motivate you to drive a smidgen of traffic and help you to get great backlinks from different significant classes.

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How Social Bookmarking help brands?

Brands and content advertisers can use on social bookmarking sites to fabricate mark mindfulness and advance their substance. These sites encourage brands or clients share articles, web journals, pictures or recordings, so as to drive pertinent traffic to their webpage.

  • Being included on social bookmarking sites is a critical advance in the SEO procedure. They help in ordering profiles, web journals or articles quicker; increment Google Page Rank and Domain Authority
  • Sharing fresh content frequently helps in building a network of clients who are keen on your content and in the long run progress toward becoming brand followers
  • Clients can rate, vote or offer your online journals/articles over the web, in this way expanding the odds of your substance turning into a web sensation
  • Adding social bookmarking catches to the site or blog articles enhance the shareability and fill in as a chance to contact a more extensive group of onlookers

Top Social Bookmarking Sites list 2019 to Drive Crazy Traffic

Here I’m presenting the perfect High PR Social Bookmarking sites for 2019. I hope this data would be helpful for you. It will save your precious time.

S.No. Bookmarking Sites List Type
1 https://slashdot.org/ Free
2 https://www.fark.com/ Free
3 https://in.pinterest.com/ Free
4 https://www.diigo.com/ Free
5 https://www.bibsonomy.org/ Free
6 https://dzone.com/ Free
7 http://www.folkd.com/ Free
8 https://tutpub.com/ Free
9 https://netvouz.com/ Free
10 http://www.mybookmarks.com/ Free
11 http://blogmarks.net/index.php Free
12 https://linkgeanie.com/ Free
13 http://www.storymint.com/ Free
14 http://www.pr4links.com/ Free
15 http://todays1051.net/ Free
16 https://www.reddit.com/ Free
17 https://www.stumbleupon.com/ Free
18 http://youmobs.com/ Free
19 http://www.startaid.com/ Free
20 http://www.designfloat.com/ Free
21 http://url.org/ Free
22 http://myhq.com/ Free
23 http://linkatopia.com/ Free
24 https://www.pusha.se/ Free
25 https://www.metafilter.com/ Free
26 http://www.mbacklinks.com/ Free
27 http://www.updatesee.com/ Free
28 http://www.flybacklinks.com/ Free
29 http://www.backlinksplanet.com/ Free
30 http://www.seomast.com/ Free
31 http://www.crazybacklink.com/ Free
32 http://tuffsocial.com/ Free
33 http://www.tuffclicks.com/ Free
34 http://toplistingsite.com/ Free
35 https://www.bookmarkspocket.com/ Free
36 http://www.mysavenshare.com/ Free
37 http://www.mozylinks.com/ Free
38 http://www.skybacklinks.com/ Free
39 http://www.prbookmarks.com/ Free
40 http://www.a2zbookmarks.com/ Free
41 http://www.activebookmarks.com/ Free
42 http://www.bookmarks2u.com/ Free
43 http://www.bookmarkinghost.info/ Free
44 http://www.bookmarkmaps.com/ Free
45 http://www.livewebmarks.com/ Free
46 http://www.socialbookmarknow.info/ Free
47 http://www.votetags.com/ Free
48 http://www.votetags.info/ Free
49 http://www.a1bookmarks.com/ Free
50 http://www.bookmarkgroups.com/ Free
51 http://www.newsciti.com/ Free
52 http://www.a2zbookmarking.com/ Free
53 http://www.socialbookmarkzone.info/ Free
54 http://www.bookmarkwiki.com/ Free
55 http://www.greateststory.info/ Free
56 http://www.onlinewebmarks.com/ Free
57 http://www.bookmarkfeeds.com/ Free
58 http://www.ewebmarks.com/ Free
59 http://www.socbookmarking.com/ Free
60 http://www.peoplebookmarks.com/ Free
61 http://www.socialwebmarks.com/ Free
62 http://www.hotbookmarking.com/ Free
63 http://www.bookmarkfollow.com/ Free
64 http://www.bookmarktheme.com/ Free
65 http://www.openfaves.com/ Free
66 http://www.bookmarkcart.info/ Free
67 http://www.bookmarkdiary.com/ Free
68 http://www.socialbookmarkiseasy.info/ Free
69 http://www.bsocialbookmarking.info/ Free
70 http://www.seosubmitbookmark.com/ Free
71 http://www.bookmarkcart.com/ Free
72 http://www.bookmarkdeal.com/ Free
73 http://www.kannikar.com/ Free
74 http://seotoolbux.com/ Free
75 http://seolinebox.com/ Free
76 http://pipinews.com/ Free
77 http://tefwin.com/ Free
78 http://www.clickone.co.in/ Free
79 http://bookmarksync.xyz/ Free
80 http://bookmarkgroups.xyz/ Free
81 http://atozbookmarks.xyz/ Free
82 http://bookmarkerportal.xyz/ Free
83 http://bookmarkdofollow.xyz/ Free
84 http://submitbookmark.xyz/ Free
85 http://socialbookmarkingnow.xyz/ Free
86 http://socialbookmarklink.xyz/ Free
87 http://latestbookmarks.xyz/ Free
88 http://bookmarkdig.xyz/ Free
89 http://linkbookmarker.xyz/ Free
90 http://bookmarkbird.xyz/ Free


Hope you like the above list. If I missed any Social bookmarking site don’t hesitate to mention it in the comment section, I would surely add it to my social bookmarking sites list. Thanks for your support and make sure to Subscribe for more latest updates.


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